4th Annual ARVO NYE Party!

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RIP 2016.

At this point we are hoping that all of you have had an amazing new year so far and that 2017 is in fact THE BEST YEAR EVER like you told yourself it would be at the conclusion of 2016.  If that is the case for you and you're killing the game, then go ahead and pat yourself on the back. Go you!  If, however, 2017 has not lived up to its potential thus far and has indeed smacked you right in the face, then we hope to cheer you up with the recap of this years NYE party.  

The #arvoNYE2016 party was a BLAST and if you missed out, we are very sorry and the best we can do is show you these videos and hope that you'll join us next time.  If you did attend, then you know exactly what we are talking about and these videos will only remind you that you had the night of your life and you are very grateful that someone documented that for you (thank you The Cayve Film Co.). The theme for this year was a WHITEOUT and everyone definitely dressed the part.  Whether you attended or not, here is what this years party at Infinity Events Center in SLC had to offer:

  • Amazing live performances from Strange Familia and The Federal Empire
  • Slow motion video booth courtesy of Busath Films
  • The Arvo Panda being the Arvo Panda and hosting the last mannequin challenge of 2016!
  • Live silk dancers that still have us scratching our heads! 
  • And of course we threw out tons of watches, socks, hats, air fresheners, etc.

    We would like to personally thank each and every one of you that came out and helped make this event such a huge success! 

    For a look at all the pictures captured from the party click HERE!

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    • Hey Jake, this is Lynn Brannelly Jenny Wecker’s mother. I am shooting a television pilot next week and one of the Principal leads I would like to have wear an Arvo Watch for his character personal watch. I wanted to get permission from you to do this before I do so. Also I was trying to order two Dad hats and can’t seem to get the link to give me the buy button .Is it possible for me to order these and have them shipped quickly so I have them before next week? Let me know, thank you, Lynn
      Lynn Brannelly on

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