arvo and operation underground railroad team up to sell out megaplex showing of the abolitionists

arvo and operation underground railroad team up to sell out megaplex showing of the abolitionists

Our society is filled with noteworthy causes that offer solutions to complex global issues. Arvo would love to be involved with all of them, but obviously that is not humanly possible. However we do try our hardest to get involved with the social causes that really stick out to us. 

Operation Underground Railroad ( O.U.R.)  is an organization working to combat one of, if not the most, grotesque social issues facing our society today, child slavery and sex trafficking. It is absolutely unacceptable that in the year 2016 we have a global estimated 2 million children that are being sold, purchased, and sexually abused against their will. It takes O.U.R an estimated $1500 to save just one child. We have a huge fight ahead of us, but we believe the battle that O.U.R. is fighting is definitely worth joining, so we decided to team up with them to raise money for this cause.

We decided the best way to help spread the word about O.U.R. and raise money for this cause would be to rent out a theatre at the Jordan Commons Megaplex theaters for a special Arvo showing of The Abolitionists. All ticket proceeds were given to O.U.R. and we were able to raise even more with your help by hosting a raffle for Arvo watches. On May 17th, we were thrilled to learn we had sold out the theatre! The Abolitionists was also the second highest grossing film in the U.S. the previous day. We couldn't have accomplished this without you, our loyal friends. Nothing is more exciting than being able to use Arvo to help make a social impact for a great cause, and we are so grateful that you all helped us do that for this event, and all of the other causes we have been able to contribute to. We truly couldn't do this without your support. 

We raffled off Good Samaritime watches with the red second hand. If you weren't already aware, the second hand color of our Good Samaritime watch each represent a cause Arvo is involved with and a portion of proceeds from each watch sale goes to that specific cause. Red represents our partnership with O.U.R. and ten lucky winners walked away with new watches. We were feeling extra appreciative of the support so we decided to throw out another 20 watches. 

Following the film we hosted a Q&A session with Doug Osmond from O.U.R. We were all super happy with how engaged everybody was during this session, and Doug was able to answer audience questions for about 20 minutes. He gave us all awesome insights into the future of O.U.R., how we can help, and the role technology is playing to further the fight against child slavery and sex trafficking. 

Every time O.U.R. rescues a child, they can let you know via text. Text UPDATES to 51555 to enroll. They also text about upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. You will receive no more than one (1) text message per month from Operation Underground Railroad. Standard message rates apply. 

Once again, thank you all so much for joining with us to help these causes!

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