Arvo new years party 2014-15

Arvo new years party 2014-15

We had an amazing turnout at our New Year's party a few months ago and we've been meaning to share some photos and a video from that night. We had about 1200 people show up to dance and listen to music, which was double the crowd as the year before! 

We were first able to hear great music from The Moth and the Flame, which has roots here in Utah. Joshua James then followed with a killer set. Joshua James is also from Utah and is one of the most influential artists here in Utah. Be sure to check both of them out if you haven't already. We then cut some major rugs while The Yacht Club djs did their thing.

Meanwhile, we gave away around 70 watches, hats, and other Arvo stuff along with pizza, treats and plenty of good vibes. :) 

Oh I can't forget to mention the silk dancers... If you haven't seen them before, they compare to a graceful ballerina mixed with a bungee jumper. It was pretty awesome! They did a routine 12 feet above the crowds every hour or so throughout the party. Thanks to Infinity Events for helping us throw a great party. When it comes down to it, those that attended were the ones that made it so fun. Heres to you!

A few photos from that night:

And an awesome video clip from Haugen Creative:

You can count on this party this year and we hope that you'll join us! Salt Lake City, Utah

Jake Nackos

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