Arvo Valentine's Matchmaker with Jake and Ashley Nackos

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This year we wanted to do something a little different for Valentine's Day. After thinking of dozens of different things we could try, we landed on this: Arvo Valentine's Matchmaker!

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🔴 Attention 🔴 Arvo’s Founders @jakenackos and @ashleynackos have decided to get their cupid costumes out of the attic and help all you single lovebirds out there this Valentine’s Day! Jake said, “Our Arvo community is so awesome that nobody should have to fly solo on February 14th.” Jake and Ash are personally going to match up anyone that would like a secret Valentine this year! Jake explains it like this: 

Remember those "candy-grams" you used to send to your crush in middle school? Did you ever make a secret plan with your best friend to send each other a candy-gram to guarantee you weren't the only one in class to not receive one? I’m guilty. Well, I thought we could create an Arvo version of the "candy-gram" and save all of you singles out there from being without a Valentine on February 14th. I call it the "Arvo-gram." We’ll give you 50% off a watch that will be sent to your secret Valentine. The person you are matched with will send you your watch for free as a Valentine gift! (you’ll each choose the watch you want beforehand to ensure you love it). If you're not sold yet, what if I told you the watches will be delivered in a wrapped package, including a hand-written note and sealed with a cyber kiss? 

- Cheers, Jake and Ash (aka Arvo Cupids) 💋 

After posting this on Instagram, we immediately began to see people engaging and wanting to be part of the Matchmaker. So far we've had over 60 people participate in the past week! That means that more than 60 people will have a Valentine this year who otherwise may not have!

In the grand scheme of things, this may seem like a small deal. However if we have learned one thing over the past 5 years, it's that little gestures can go a very long way. We want to take care of our Arvo community in as many ways as we can. Even if it's matching you up with other singles for Valentine's Day!

Today is the last day to join the matchmaker. So if you are interested then click HERE to fill out a couple questions about yourself and we'll take care of the rest!

Be good, Do good.

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