Arvo's St. Patricks Day Scavenger Hunt! #arvofinderskeepers

Arvo's St. Patricks Day Scavenger Hunt! #arvofinderskeepers

Yesterday was our second annual #arvofinderskeepers hunt for St. Patrick's day. We decided to do it again this year because so many people had a good time last year and we got great feedback throughout the past 12 months.

We hid 10 watches around Salt Lake Valley, Utah Valley, and Davis County and only posted photos on our @arvo.clan instagram as clues to the whereabouts of the watches. We left them in places like Chungas Mexican food, golf courses, under bridges, in trees, etc. We thought we were pretty conspicuous when hiding the watches, but our avid followers proved us wrong again! They found most of the watches within 10 minutes of us posting!

We also did a couple "cyber" hunts on our social media for those followers that are not in this area and could not participate in the other hunts. Those watches were found even quicker... Those hunts were completed in less than 3 minutes... lol. We'll have to think a little harder next year! Maybe we'll just hire one of our followers to run the hunts :)

Here are some photos of the hiding spots:

And here are a few winners:

Congrats to the winners and we look forward to next year's Arvo hunt! 

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