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There is a lot to love about social media, but a few things remain that are less than desirable. One of those pain points is the fact that you can only have 1 link in your social media bio (mostly looking at you Instagram). But, luckily there is now a "hack" to have multiple links in your bio. The service is called LYNX in Bio and is a total game changer! LYNX gives you 1 Master link that you can put in your Instagram profile and when users click on that link, they will see your custom landing page with all the other links you want.

Here is a screenshot of what our Instagram profile looks like and also our landing page after you have clicked our LYNX:


As you can see, this option is a huge help to our brand because we can share multiple things and events with you all at the same time. And guess what... LYNX is absolutely free to create and use!

Other benefits we have found with LYNX:

  • See how many times each link is getting clicked
  • Share blog posts
  • Giveaways
  • Links to our other social media accounts (, @arvo.clan, @arvovan)
  • Customize your Master LYNX to your domain name
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Streamlined experience for YOU!

Check out LYNX in Bio and let us know what you think. I promise you will find instant value! Have a great weekend and I hope you have enjoyed this week's "Social Media Hack". Thanks!

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