Arvo's Top 10 Summer Events

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It’s Friday at work and all we can think about is the Summer Soirée happening tomorrow. This got us to thinking about our calendar and what's going on this summer. So we decided to share our Top 10 list of the events we’re looking forward to, enjoy!

(Click here for details about our Summer Soiree Charity Event June 19th!)

1. Slip-n-Soar

Slide into the summer with Utah’s own Slip-n-Soar event. Casually launch yourself off jumps professional skiers use for training. Don’t worry, you land in a pool of embracing water. Count on us being there!

June 24th, July 4th, and August 19th : [Click here for more details]


2. Antelope by moonlight bike ride 

Take a spin around Antelope Island, in the 2nd saltiest lake in the world. Starting past dusk, this casual by moonlight ride is something we’ve done in years past and loved. It's a great event for all skill levels and the more glow sticks and lights you have, the more fun!

July 7th : [Click here for more details]


3.Fire on the Water

Fire on the water is about as close as we can get to a firework show at the beach. Hosted on Jordanelle reservoir, Utah, this event is fun for the entire evening with live music, games, and a firework show over the water to top it off.

July 15th: [Click here for more details]


4.Ogden Twilight Series

Cheap tickets, amazing weather, and awesome bands has us stoked for the Ogden Twilight series. This year it’s taking place during the month of June only but don’t worry, if you’re as excited as we are for The Shins to play June 22nd, you won’t miss it.

Various Dates: [Click here for more details]


5.Cotopaxi’s Questival

Questival from Cotopaxi on Vimeo.

Questival is a 24 hour adventure race with a list of tasks you need to complete that’s sure to test your limits. Spend your Saturday sleeping in and doing some errands around town or start your weekend off with an experience you won’t forget!

July 28th : [Click here for more details]


6.Sundance Institute’s free outdoor film series

Free events are the best ones right? The Sundance Institute gives us the chance to see free movies outside all over Northern Utah. There’s plenty of dates and movies to choose from, we’re holding out for “Riding Giants” , screening in Park City July 7th.  

Various Dates : [Click here for more details]


 7.Utah County Fair: Demolition Derby

Do we need to say more? It’s a demolition derby that has us counting down the days until we get to see someone reverse full speed into another car.

Aug. 20th : [Click here for more details]


8. Bonneville Speedweek

Photo credit : Sports Car Digest

Diversify your summer by going to the barren salt flats of Utah and watch vintage cars rip across the dried lake bed in historical fashion. We’re serious, it’s cooler than you’d think.

 August 12th - 18th : [Click here for details]


9.Run on Race

We’re really excited for this one. Not only do we get to participate in a great cause but one of us is going to be carried for a mile! The Run on Race helps disabled students participate in events they'd otherwise never be able to.

August 19th: [Click here for more details]


10. The Lantern Festival

What better way to wind down the Summer with an event like the Shine Festival. Join thousands of others to send off lanterns into the night sky.

Sept. 23rd: [Click here for more details]


Think we missed a great event? Let us know in the comments below! 

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