Basic Face Mask
Basic Face Mask

Basic Face Mask

Product Performance, Structure and Composition

This product consists of a mask body, a nose clip and two ear loops. The mask body is composed of three layers of filter materials; the front and back layers are polypropylene spunbond nonwoven fabrics, the middle layer is polypropylene meltblown nonwoven fabric. The nose clip is made of PE plastic. The ear loops are made of Latex free nonwoven fabric that is friendly to the environment. This mask is a non-sterile product and is disposable.

Product Scope and Use

Suitable for covering the user's mouth, nose and jaw for use in ordinary medical and general public environments. This mask helps to block exhalation from the mouth and nose, and to filter inhalation of fluids and particulate matter.

Fitting Instructions

Flatten the mask with the dark side facing outwards and the nose clip at the top. Hold in the front of your face and pull the two ear loops back over your ears. Squeeze the nose clip around the bridge of your nose to ensure a close fit.

Available in 10 Count, 25 Count, and 50 Count Quantities

Made in China

Sold by Arvo Wear