Because He First Loved Us is a relational ministry to refugee families to meet spiritual, educational, and practical needs through family mentoring and resource networking. Time and talents are donated on a volunteer basis.


Support Refugees

We have been working with BHFLU for over 5 years now, which actually pre-dates Arvo! Our COO Aaron Neuenschwander began working with BHFLU in December of 2012 when he and a few of his close friends hosted a Christmas party called "Christmas 4 the Kids" where 100% of the proceeds were donated to BHFLU. They chose this particular organization for a lot of reasons, but there are a few amazing points that stand out:

  • BHFLU is completely volunteer-based
  • They rely wholly on private donations, receiving no funding from the state or federal government
  • They serve our local community (Salt Lake City has over 60,000 refugees!)

Flash forward 5 years and our involvement has evolved into a year-round relationship with BHFLU. Not only have we seen the impact that donations can have upon BHFLU, but we have been allowed to participate in many aspects of the children's lives. We love being part of their lives and we have seen how it can make a difference in their future. 

Our country has been a lighthouse for refugees since its founding. It's a place where refugees have hope for a better future and to contribute to society. A place where they can improve the quality of their lives and the lives of those around them! We are so proud to work alongside BHFLU and feel that we get much more in return than we could ever offer. 

If you live in Utah and would like to get involved and volunteer your time and/or talents (teach dance, music, sports, etc.), please reach out to us and we will help get you connected. Please email us at


Check below to learn more about Christmas 4 the Kids and how Arvo's community has become one of the leading donors to BHFLU.
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