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Arvo Watches: Classy, Minimalist Designs

Extend style all the way down to your wrist with Arvo’s classic watches. Our philosophy is simple: minimalist designs will never go out of style. The classic look is “classic” for a reason. The vintage look will be around forever. Read more...

Arvo Time SawyerArvo Time PiecesAbout Arvo
The Time Sawyer was the very first Arvo watch and continues to be a favorite. Just like all of our watches, the Time Sawyer was named by one of our earliest fans. We also have the Timeous Edison and the George Washingtime, which were both named by our followers. We want to continue this tradition with each and every watch we release! We strive to be involved in the community and give back where we can. Our watches are all designed with a high influence from classic watches that were worn many years ago. We've added an Arvo touch of minimalism, style, and comfort. We also make sure that each genuine leather band is comfortable and breaks in right to your wrist. With leather, you can capture many memories that wear right into the band. It doesn't hurt that each watch is also unisex! Take a peek at our collection now.  We would love to see your Arvo photos. We like to display our favorite photos on our "about" page and will include your name or social media. Click HERE to see our current faves and to learn a little more about Arvo. We'd love to hear from you about ideas, collaborations, and charity events. 

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