Your Purchase. Your Power. Our Donation.

"Be good, Do good." is a registered trademark of Arvo Wear, LLC and must not be used without written permission from Arvo Wear LLC. 

Your purchase has the power to make a positive impact! You support causes that matter to you. Which is why we are donating 1% of your purchase to the cause of your choice at no extra cost to you.

Since Arvo was born, we've worked hard to ingrain ourselves into the communities we serve. By selling quality minimalist products we are able to have a larger platform to change the world. Our community of loyal customers and fans are making the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time. Through these combined efforts, we are building a movement to give back and serve others. Alone we are small, but together we can achieve great things.

With Arvo, you have the power to make a difference.

 When you make a purchase at you’ll see a “You Shop. We Give.” section as you check out. Select a featured cause, or search to find a cause you want to support. We will donate 1% of your purchase at no extra cost to you.

Small Actions Lead to Major Impact!

As a brand, we've now donated to over 100 different organizations. From time to time we will support certain charities that we think are Being Good and Doing Good to those around them. These charities are able to leverage the donations we provide them to enrich their programs and overall efforts to create a better world. 


We would love to hear your ideas for improving the world and making a positive impact on those around us.