Arvo Custom Engraving
Arvo Custom Engraving
Arvo Custom Engraving
Arvo Custom Engraving
Arvo Custom Engraving
Arvo Custom Engraving

Custom Engraving

The opportunity to engrave ANYTHING you want on the back of your Arvo watch is now possible!

We have recently added an engraver to our shop and are so excited to start personalizing your watches, or the ones that you are buying as gifts for loved ones.


  • Please note our watches all come with pre-engraved Arvo designs on the back. Your custom engraving will be fit inside the blank space, see pictures for reference.
  • Please triple check your spelling, and capitalization as we will engrave exactly what you put in the text field below
  • See photos to your left for examples of the different font choices
  • If you want multiple watches engraved, you will need to add each engraving to your cart separately and specify which watch you want the message engraved on.
  • Sizing depends on how much text you choose to have engraved, the more text to be engraved, the smaller the text will have to appear 
  • All text will be center aligned


*Please note the following:

  • The character limit for each line is as follows:
    1. Line 1: 25 characters max
    2. Line 2: 20 characters max
    3. Line 3: 15 characters max
    • If you are wanting an engraving on a Tiny Time or DELUXE watch we will do our best, however there is very little blank space on the back. Please keep you text to 1-2 lines with a max of 15 characters per line. 
    • Most orders will not be delayed by engraving, however it may add 1 additional business day to your order.
    • Any watch that is engraved cannot be returned or exchanged. Engraving your watch does NOT void your warranty.