About Arvo

Arvo, a line of minimalist watches for men and women was developed in the minds of a few Utah kids with some big dreams. With a lot of thought and determination, they created ARVO, now based in Missouri.


Watches come in all shapes and sizes nowadays, however the classic simple designs always have a way of maintaining their appeal. Arvo has developed watches for men and women with minimalist features that are always classic and appealing, perfect for any occasion.


Great quality watches don't have to be expensive. Look for great minimalist watches for men and women at affordable prices. We are sure you will find a style that will look great on you!


Arvo donates a portion of every sale from its website to a good cause in its effort to be socially responsible, to better the lives of those it can.

Arvo Wear LLC

110 E Front St., BSMT

Sikeston, MO 63801