Arvo in China

Arvo in China

China and Hong Kong were our next stops after Europe. When we were putting together our intitial business plan, we wanted to be able to create a high quality watch while keeping our prices affordable. Not everyone wants to spend over $200 for a watch! We talked to dozens of manufactures across the U.S. but they all had one problem... Inflated manufacturing costs. For this reason, we decided to expand our search overseas. After more searching, samples, phone calls, skype meetings, etc, we found a manufacturer in Shenzhen who had our same vision: Stylish, quality watches at an affordable price.

We have been working with this same manufacture for over 2 years now and they have been great to collaborate with. We have grown together and learned a lot. Each new order we design and build becomes better and better as we truly dial in our vision for the perfect wrist watch. 

Because we were able to find a great manufacturer in Southern China, we are then able to offer our watches to you at a cost that is unheard of! There is no middle man with Arvo, so you get the full watch without paying any additional markups. Its a win/win! 

We have visited our manufacturer and they were so kind and accomodating. They gave us a fun tour of the process and even showed us some of our watches as they were being manufactured. So cool! We have had some questions about our factory and if there are fair wages and working conditions. I can assure you that there are! 

Here are a few photos of our adventures in China and Hong Kong:

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