Designing In The Office


Hey everyone! I'm Michelle! I'm a designer for Arvo and work a lot with packaging and graphic design. Pretty easy stuff!.....haha more like NOT...but it's so fun! :) Okay, so I studied packaging design in Sweden (because I'm Swedish lol) at a college called Broby Graphic College of Cross Media, here's a link to it so you can check it out. It mainly consists of working on real projects for companies and internships which is awesome and helps you get ready for a big boy/girl job at the end of your education. Long story short, I married an American which led me to Utah, which led me to Arvo.

-----> To check out student projects, head over to

Here's my last project that I worked on--

I find inspiration from companies, friends, my husband, Pinterest, Behance, blogs and Instagram accounts. 

Here are a couple of accounts I like, @idaloan and @emusc--


and also,

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I like abstract art, it helps me imagine new things.

The process of creating something from start to finish can take fooooreeveeerrrr, mostly because I can't make up my mind. Research goes into it, making different variations and styles, building mock ups and physical designs, getting feedback and redoing your designs, all of that can take months.

I worked on a new watch packaging together with Jake (CEO) and Alex (the other graphic designer), here's a peek of it. But as I said, the process is long and is still ongoing, it never really ends in a growing business!

Here's a small taste on how the packaging turned out for Arvo's Kickstarter campaign. I'm pretty happy about it. Plus, it's tiny and cute. Which reminds me, check out our Kickstarter here and back us!

Ok bye!


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Wedding Season

We all know what summer means.... wedding season! This year it hits closer to home for me because I'm getting married THIS FRIDAY! I'm so excited. The process of planning a wedding, while being so fun, can be pretty stressful too. Coordinating and planning all the little details takes time and patience! One of the things that has helped me most is finding inspiration from others! Pinterest and Instagram have been my best friends while planning this wedding. In case any of you needed a little inspo, here's a little preview of inspiration I'm using for my wedding: 

Also, I wanted to share some of my favorite instagram accounts to get inspiration from: 

For all you guys out there, we wanted to share some inspo for you too. The perfect finishing touch to your wedding day look is a watch and luckily, we got you covered. ;)  Here's some grooms who rocked their Arvo watch on their wedding day!

 Like what you see? Want a discount? Ask us about our Arvo Wedding discounts! Send us a request through this link: Clicky


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Arvo's top 5 must visit locations in Utah

Do you live in Utah or are you planning a visit soon? We made a list of our top 5 must visit locations you should experience.

1.  Zion National Park

We could have an entire blog post dedicated to just  Zion National Park. From a gorgeous overview atop Angel’s landing 1488 ft. above the canyon floor, to the tight canyon walls of the narrows, there is so much to do here!

 We recommend camping at Ponderosa ranch. Imagine returning from a long day of hiking and then jumping into an awesome pool, hot tub, or taking a shower. End the day camping under the stars like any normal campsite. Glamping.


 2. Bryce Canyon National Park

We love hiking, even more so through between giant pillars of stone formed by millions of years of pressure and erosion. Aside from hikes, Bryce canyon is full of some of the best star gazing in the country. We recommend heading up to Kings Creek to see one of the best light shows around.


Arches, Canyonlands, Slick Rock Trail, there’s so much to do in Moab we couldn’t choose just one. Moab offers everything, from relaxing on the Colorado River to hiking under the famous delicate arch.

If you go to Moab, plan it out well and you’ll be able to see a lot! While there is camping all over, our favorite place to stay is just west of Moab.

4.Albion Basin

The Albion basin is at the end of a long journey up Little Cottonwood canyon. Home to such famous resorts like Snowbird and Alta, Albion basin offers up some amazing views like this one at Cecret Lake, all within an hour of SLC International Airport.


5. The Bonneville Salt Flats 

The Bonneville Salt Flat remains one of our favorite destinations, not for what it has but for what is hasn’t.  No plants, wildlife or man made structures mean this place is quiet as it gets.  The best part?  Drive out onto the flats and point to where you’d like to go!

How many of these locations have you checked off your list? First 5 people to tag in us with your Arvo watch at any of these locations and get an Arvo Pin of your choice!

Comment below once you have!

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    Arvo Art

    Have you seen our new phone backgrounds? Remind yourself how awesome life is with some inspirational art done by our very talented designers!

    Keep a close eye on our instagram stories every Friday for new backgrounds! Click the link below to view all of our work and share them with your friends!

    Click Here

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    Arvo Playlist #2

    Take a listen our newest playlist that has us excited for the weekend, we can't wait! Stay tuned later in July for some music blog posts and more!  



    Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out our Utah Rope swing guide!

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    Rope Swings of Utah

    We set out last weekend looking for a rope swing in Utah and couldn't find one easily. Rope swings are one of our favorite summer activities. They’re fun, free but not always easy to locate.  So we made a rope swing guide for Utah!

    Know of a rope swing me missed?  Click on the link below and post a pin!

    Click here to add a pin!

    Whoever posts the most pins in one state by July 15th gets a free Arvo pin!

    Our Favorite so far : Smith and Moorehouse Rope Swing. Located on the East side of the lake. You get a great rope swing with a beautiful area full of fishing, camping and hiking. 

    A post shared by Aaron Brimhall (@aaronbhall) on

    Photo Credit @aaronbhall 
    Depending on water levels this can be a 15- 30 ft drop from the swing to the water! 

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    Arvo's Top 10 Summer Events

    It’s Friday at work and all we can think about is the Summer Soirée happening tomorrow. This got us to thinking about our calendar and what's going on this summer. So we decided to share our Top 10 list of the events we’re looking forward to, enjoy!

    (Click here for details about our Summer Soiree Charity Event June 19th!)

    1. Slip-n-Soar

    Slide into the summer with Utah’s own Slip-n-Soar event. Casually launch yourself off jumps professional skiers use for training. Don’t worry, you land in a pool of embracing water. Count on us being there!

    June 24th, July 4th, and August 19th : [Click here for more details]


    2. Antelope by moonlight bike ride 

    Take a spin around Antelope Island, in the 2nd saltiest lake in the world. Starting past dusk, this casual by moonlight ride is something we’ve done in years past and loved. It's a great event for all skill levels and the more glow sticks and lights you have, the more fun!

    July 7th : [Click here for more details]


    3.Fire on the Water

    Fire on the water is about as close as we can get to a firework show at the beach. Hosted on Jordanelle reservoir, Utah, this event is fun for the entire evening with live music, games, and a firework show over the water to top it off.

    July 15th: [Click here for more details]


    4.Ogden Twilight Series

    Cheap tickets, amazing weather, and awesome bands has us stoked for the Ogden Twilight series. This year it’s taking place during the month of June only but don’t worry, if you’re as excited as we are for The Shins to play June 22nd, you won’t miss it.

    Various Dates: [Click here for more details]


    5.Cotopaxi’s Questival

    Questival from Cotopaxi on Vimeo.

    Questival is a 24 hour adventure race with a list of tasks you need to complete that’s sure to test your limits. Spend your Saturday sleeping in and doing some errands around town or start your weekend off with an experience you won’t forget!

    July 28th : [Click here for more details]


    6.Sundance Institute’s free outdoor film series

    Free events are the best ones right? The Sundance Institute gives us the chance to see free movies outside all over Northern Utah. There’s plenty of dates and movies to choose from, we’re holding out for “Riding Giants” , screening in Park City July 7th.  

    Various Dates : [Click here for more details]


     7.Utah County Fair: Demolition Derby

    Do we need to say more? It’s a demolition derby that has us counting down the days until we get to see someone reverse full speed into another car.

    Aug. 20th : [Click here for more details]


    8. Bonneville Speedweek

    Photo credit : Sports Car Digest

    Diversify your summer by going to the barren salt flats of Utah and watch vintage cars rip across the dried lake bed in historical fashion. We’re serious, it’s cooler than you’d think.

     August 12th - 18th : [Click here for details]


    9.Run on Race

    We’re really excited for this one. Not only do we get to participate in a great cause but one of us is going to be carried for a mile! The Run on Race helps disabled students participate in events they'd otherwise never be able to.

    August 19th: [Click here for more details]


    10. The Lantern Festival

    What better way to wind down the Summer with an event like the Shine Festival. Join thousands of others to send off lanterns into the night sky.

    Sept. 23rd: [Click here for more details]


    Think we missed a great event? Let us know in the comments below! 

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    Family Time - Our Adventure to the new Tibble Fork Reservoir

    I have been frequenting Tibble Fork reservoir now for 30 years. My parents instilled in me a love for the outdoors since the day I was born and this spot was a go-to as a family. At 20 minutes from our front door, it doesn't get much better!

    For the past year, Tibble has been closed due to reconstruction of the dam. Along with the new and improved dam (and roughly 7.3m dollars) comes a huge renovation to the lake as a whole. See details on improvements and specs here.

    The lake opened back up a little over a week ago and we finally had a chance to visit and it was awesome! Check out how much bigger the lake is:

    New Renovation of Tibble Fork Reservoir in American Fork Canyon Utah

    New Renovation of Tibble Fork Reservoir in American Fork Canyon Utah

    New Renovation of Tibble Fork Reservoir in American Fork Canyon Utah


    I think that our favorite part is the new sandy beach that wraps the north side of the lake:


    New Renovation of Tibble Fork Reservoir in American Fork Canyon Utah

    New Renovation of Tibble Fork Reservoir in American Fork Canyon Utah


    Big muscles on the beach!


    Leo Nackos Flexing muscles on Tibble Fork Beach 


     We also ran into some old friends from high school that let us borrow their canoes! (Thanks Jordan, Christine and "Lemon"). We went to the opposite side of the lake where we found people relaxing in hammocks and also a rope swing that dropped off into the lake. 


    New Renovation of Tibble Fork Reservoir in American Fork Canyon Utah

    New Renovation of Tibble Fork Reservoir in American Fork Canyon Utah

    New Renovation of Tibble Fork Reservoir in American Fork Canyon Utah Jake Nackos


    Of course we wouldn't live up to our nickname "Snackis" if we didn't bring plenty of treats and beverages. We even cut up a mango with a pocket knife to feel more like mountain men :)

     Jake Nackos New Renovation of Tibble Fork Reservoir in American Fork Canyon Utah


    And of course plenty of time just sitting around and playing in the water... which by the way is still freezing! 


    New Renovation of Tibble Fork Reservoir in American Fork Canyon Utah Ashley Nackos

    New Renovation of Tibble Fork Reservoir in American Fork Canyon Utah


    Last but not least, watched dozens of these pretty Monarch (I think) butterflies zoom around us. Christine even caught one so we got a chance to look at it more closely. Not to mention this slow-mo video of it's takeoff and near collision with my face!


    New Renovation of Tibble Fork Reservoir in American Fork Canyon Utah - Christine Comstock 


    Hurry and get to up Tibble Fork before everyone else knows it's open because I can guarantee it will be busy very soon!

    Here's a hint... If its ever too busy, keep driving up the canyon (you'll end up on a dirt road) and you'll find Silver Lake Flat, which is great for tent sleeping, fishing, ATV's, etc. 

    Here's another hint... If Silver Lake Flat is busy, or you are feeling adventurous, there is a hike that starts at Silver Lake Flat and takes you up to Silver Lake. It's only accessible by foot, but definitely worth the hike. Take plenty of water and plan on about 1-1.5 hours to make it to the top!

    Be good, Do good.

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    Outside the Office


    Did you make forts as a kid or have a treehouse once upon a time? Full adult mode kicks in and those things tend to be forgotten. A local Utah company thinks otherwise, and we couldn’t be happier with their product!

    In a series of blog posts to come, we want the Arvo clan to hear about what goes on outside the Arvo office, what we do for fun, and what brands we love! This week we’re talking about Tentsile!

    Tentsile is a local Utah company who makes tension suspended treehouses that can be set up just about anywhere you can imagine.


    A post shared by Tentsile (@tentsile) on

    Credit: Tentsile & @fototripper. 


    The design was created by Alex Shirley-Smith to help preserve the forest floor  and promote zero impact camping.

    “...If we’re hanging in trees, they can’t be chopped down!” (Tentsile)

    About a year ago we got our hands on the Stingray tent from Tentsile and it completely changed the way we camp for the better. Gone are the days of trying to find that perfectly flat spot, and digging out rocks so you can actually sleep.

    Tentsile Arvo Utah camping

    Walking through the forest, leaving the beaten path, and finding a totally unique camping spot always gets us excited to camp. This spot was found near the top of the Alpine Loop, American Fork Canyon, Utah.

    Picking the right spot is like a game and once you find your trees, ratchet the straps down and set up the poles, you’re ready to get in!

    Getting into a tentsile is always fun! Sometimes it’s easy.

    Sometimes it’s not, but it's always worth it.

    It’s always better to have a little help from friends.

    With the Tentsile Stingray the imagination and ability to get into the tent are the only limits. In the end, we’re always left smiling and happy above the forest floor in our tree fort.

    Thanks to awesome companies like Tentsile, who plant 3 trees for every tent sold, we get to enjoy nature and feel a little better about taking care of this place we call home.


    Be good, Do good.



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    Arvo's Playlist

    Start your weekend now and take a listen to what we’ll be jammin to! We listen to music all week in the office and realized we wanted the Arvo Clan to join us in relaxing with some of our favorite jams.

    In the coming months we’ll be doing some awesome work with local artist, live sessions, and playlists! More is to come!  


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    Arvo Seattle Insta-Meet

    Arvo Seattle Insta-Meet

    We had such a blast at our Arvo Seattle meet this past weekend. It is always so amazing to see how much talent there is in the world, and Seattle did not disappoint. It was great to see some familiar faces during our trip. Huge shout out to our hosts Jaime, and Nephi for their outstanding hospitality. We also couldn’t have made it around the city without the world’s best tour guide, thank you so much Adam!

    We hit the ground running and went directly to the city when we arrived in Seattle. We had to get our fix of some amazing Seattle restaurants. The night we arrived it started dumping huge fluffy snowflakes, which was just a little out of the ordinary for Seattle, but made us Utah natives feel right at home.

    The Insta-meet turned out to be such a fun time. The snow from the night before forced us to re-arrange a few locations for the meet, but there were still plenty of rad places to shoot at. We started at Pike Place to make sure we were able to get some shots of the iconic market, and of course the gum wall. We slowly made our way around the city; stopping in parking garages, courtyards, and parks overlooking the sound. Seattle is a gold mine for beautiful shots.

    We want to thank everyone who came out to help make this meet a huge success. We made some wonderful connections, and new friends which is really what these meets are all about. Be sure to check out our Seattle re-cap video below made by our very own CEO, Jake Nackos, and also check out some of the photos on our Seattle Insta-Meet page to see all of the amazing shots from the meet.           


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    4th Annual ARVO NYE Party!

    4th Annual ARVO NYE Party!

    RIP 2016.

    At this point we are hoping that all of you have had an amazing new year so far and that 2017 is in fact THE BEST YEAR EVER like you told yourself it would be at the conclusion of 2016.  If that is the case for you and you're killing the game, then go ahead and pat yourself on the back. Go you!  If, however, 2017 has not lived up to its potential thus far and has indeed smacked you right in the face, then we hope to cheer you up with the recap of this years NYE party.  

    The #arvoNYE2016 party was a BLAST and if you missed out, we are very sorry and the best we can do is show you these videos and hope that you'll join us next time.  If you did attend, then you know exactly what we are talking about and these videos will only remind you that you had the night of your life and you are very grateful that someone documented that for you (thank you The Cayve Film Co.). The theme for this year was a WHITEOUT and everyone definitely dressed the part.  Whether you attended or not, here is what this years party at Infinity Events Center in SLC had to offer:

    • Amazing live performances from Strange Familia and The Federal Empire
    • Slow motion video booth courtesy of Busath Films
    • The Arvo Panda being the Arvo Panda and hosting the last mannequin challenge of 2016!
    • Live silk dancers that still have us scratching our heads! 
    • And of course we threw out tons of watches, socks, hats, air fresheners, etc.

      We would like to personally thank each and every one of you that came out and helped make this event such a huge success! 

      For a look at all the pictures captured from the party click HERE!

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