Designing In The Office

Designing In The Office


Hey everyone! I'm Michelle! I'm a designer for Arvo and work a lot with packaging and graphic design. Pretty easy stuff!.....haha more like NOT...but it's so fun! :) Okay, so I studied packaging design in Sweden (because I'm Swedish lol) at a college called Broby Graphic College of Cross Media, here's a link to it so you can check it out. It mainly consists of working on real projects for companies and internships which is awesome and helps you get ready for a big boy/girl job at the end of your education. Long story short, I married an American which led me to Utah, which led me to Arvo.

-----> To check out student projects, head over to

Here's my last project that I worked on--

I find inspiration from companies, friends, my husband, Pinterest, Behance, blogs and Instagram accounts. 

Here are a couple of accounts I like, @idaloan and @emusc--


and also,

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I like abstract art, it helps me imagine new things.

The process of creating something from start to finish can take fooooreeveeerrrr, mostly because I can't make up my mind. Research goes into it, making different variations and styles, building mock ups and physical designs, getting feedback and redoing your designs, all of that can take months.

I worked on a new watch packaging together with Jake (CEO) and Alex (the other graphic designer), here's a peek of it. But as I said, the process is long and is still ongoing, it never really ends in a growing business!

Here's a small taste on how the packaging turned out for Arvo's Kickstarter campaign. I'm pretty happy about it. Plus, it's tiny and cute. Which reminds me, check out our Kickstarter here and back us!

Ok bye!


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